Mia Charette

Director of Demand Generation, Finalsite 8 Years Experience in School Marketing 10 Years Experience in Digital Marketing 14 Year Experience Social Media Marketing

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Mia is a creative and passionate school marketing thought-leader. Since joining the Finalsite team in 2013, Mia has produced hundreds of pieces of content with one goal in mind: helping private, public, and international schools improve their online presence. In her current role as director of demand generation, Mia focuses on full-funnel inbound marketing strategies. She's also a co-host on The School Marketing Show, a frequent blogger, e-book author, Expert Course consultant and webinar host. She loves putting storytelling at the heart of all communications — and before joining the Finalsite team, Mia was a TV and radio broadcaster, wedding cinematographer, and author for various online magazines. She is an army wife, mom of two, and rookie photographer currently living in southern Georgia. 

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December 03, 2021, 10:00 PM
Kristen Doverspike Mia Charette